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Best custom leather long wallets!

The sun rises on a brisk spring morning. Your eyes just starting to adjust to the morning light as the sounds of nature begin to fill the air. You take a glance across the landscape to remember where you have been, and to give you the energy to continue on to where you’re headed. You roll up your bedroll and begin to pack away your sorted items onto the back of your sissy bar- your strapping creaks as you draw them tight around your gear. Just then, a slight breeze carries the scent of the nearby river rushing just beyond your nights stay- as you put all your weight on the kickstart of your ride.

With the crack of the combustion chamber rolling over and thundering you a new song for the new day, you take one last look and throw your leg over the seat of your bike. As you sit down and feel the warmth of home in your saddle, you take one last check of your person for the essentials, a sigh of relief hits you when you realize you have everything you need in one of the best custom leather long wallets ever made. We don’t just stitch our wallets, we physicaly hand saddle-stitch our wallets. Why? Because this is the most premium, long lasting  way to put together a leather product!

RBL Nomad series custom leather long wallets are handcrafted here in the United States and were created for the rider looking to not just make memories- but to pass them on!

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