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Whiskey Tan Nomad Deluxe Wallet Accessory Set


  • Description:
  • Custom Whiskey Tan Leather
  • Custom Large REBEL Card Wallet
  • Matching Leather Wallet Strap
  • Matching Limited Run Of Belt Loop Keychain


  • Brass Hardware
  • Whiskey Tan Leather
  • Natural hand Saddle Stitched


  • Heavy Duty Line 24 Snap For Closure
  • One Inch Wide Strap
  • 6-7 OZ Leather
  • Whiskey Tan Color
  • Brass Key Ring


  • Whiskey Tan Leather
  • Brass Rivets.
  • Custom Cut Card Wallet Corner
  • Red Beard Leather Makers Mark





Wallet pack description:

Whiskey tan:

We looked over so much of this Whiskey oil tan pull-up leather, our hands turned colors- the suppleness of our leather is hard to beat and I guarantee that it will become your favorite wallet style. This leather is loaded with wax and oils, that’s great for the outdoorsman to the workforce of America that puts in the hard 9-5!

Making the right choice is not just about looks, it’s also about the quality and function. We have designed this package to be versatile and a great investment.

Handpicked imported premium waxy pull-up leather. Over time it will mature with rich deep tones unique to the user. Over time that will mature with rich deep tones unique to the user. The wallet standing 5-1/2” inches tall and 3-3/4” when closed- with 6 credit card pockets on the inside on top of two cash pockets- there is plenty of room for your necessities. The stitching is the most important part of this entire wallet as it was hand saddle stitched not only for its great look but most importantly for its strength and ability. It will hold up to any type of abuse. Included in this package is a special limited time run of matching belt loop key chain so you can add that janitors jingle where ever you go in style. Or you can use it to attach the supplied leather wallet strap.

We have also included a brand new badass custom large ReBeL card wallet. So when your out with the boys and don’t want to carry a loaded butt brick of a wallet from one tap house to the next- you can jamb your ID, credit cards and some cash in there and put it in your front pocket- we thought of what someone might need in every occasion while your out jamming at your local dive or impressing that temptress your boys have been scratching their heads about how the hell your even with her. Well, it’s obvious, she saw you recognize quality and wanted to get a little closer. Plus, we matched up all the hardware! What more do you need!?

Everything is all Handmade and ready to get as tough as you are!     Please allow 1-2 business days to process and 5-7 business days (Mon.-Fri) to make and ship out the order.

Additional information

Medium Nomad Deluxe

Black, Natura Rawl, Whiskey


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