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custom Nomad series II 7″ wallet – The Mad Viking


  • Handcrafted in Vista Ca
  • Hand saddle stitched with waxed braided chord on the perimeter
  • Black stone oil tan bison leather interior
  • 5 credit card pockets
  • 2 full-length cash pockets
  • Easy cash storage cash flap
  • Hand-stitched in D-ring to attach wallet chain
  • Comes with Antique Nickle or Antique Brass Back Alley brawler in your choice size of 19″ or 23″
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Our custom pieces of functional art have a reputation of quality and uniquely set apart art that stands alone. However, that also comes at a price. I have been spending a lot of time making our craft and art more accessible and, in some ways, more economical. In this piece, we did not make the interior layout. We utilized a premade interior for the credit card pockets and cash pockets made from a company that holds an incredible standard for quality. This helps lower the labor time invested. Also, not having specific artistic boundaries to have to create inside of, means that, as the artist, I can move through the art much quicker, also lowering the cost of labor and my time invested. The other thing I have been able to do through my countless hours, days, and years searching for tools- Have found a place that helps me turn my illustrations into whats called a Craft-aid. which is a specialized piece made to make an impression on leather leaving me my lines from which I can immediately begin the figure carving process. another area in which I can save time. This also gives me the ability to remake the art and carry a standard of repeated excellence for the piece of art. This art is not going to be found anywhere else but here in the Red Beard shop because I’m the one who created it. I Illustrated this piece from being inspired by the many influences in my life such as music and the historical documentaries and shows I watch.

This piece was inspired by the .Niflheim in Norse mythology, the cold, dark, misty world of the dead, ruled by the goddess Hel. In some accounts, it was the last of nine worlds, a place into which men passed after reaching the region of death. This 7″ inch custom Nomad S-2, dubbed The Mad Viking is still a very custom piece. It is very unique for various reasons. Take the left side panel for instance with the multi-layers of intricately tooled details. Vikings are known for being sea-fairing folk. They had to be since they would have to get out on the open waters to discover new lands to plunder and invade. So the left side details on the main panel are just so that it resembles chain-mail and a sea creatures scales. On the right-side panel, a mad warrior skull with red glowing devilish eyes as if it were invoked from within the very halls of  Niflheim itself. The mouth open, bellowing its guttural death screams of war as the beard whips in the wind. This unique piece is also adorned with a custom snap concho in a braided banding. open into the blacked-out interior lined with black suede.

I take pride in my work and continue to want to make unique pieces of art that are functional for many to enjoy while still carrying an air of exclusivity. this piece is not for everyone- but it is for that one person who wants to make a statement of quality, unique individuality, and a war-like cry chasing after life!


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19" Antique Silver w/ loberster claw, 23" antique silver w/ lobster claw, 19" Antique Brass w/ lobster claw, 23" Antique Brass w/ lobster claw


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