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EDC “ONE-OFF” Custom Simple Art Card Wallets


  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA – San Diego (Vista) Ca to be EXACT!
  • Made from Premium 4.5 oz Vege-tan leather– these  specific cows are actually vegan and don’t eat meat, much leaner skin!
  • Hand Tooled using very tiny tools that are hard to use if you have sausages for fingers!
  • Made with Loving care while listening to Pantera cranked all the way up……. RE-SPECT!
  • Hand Saddle Stitched– because I don’t like it when people start to wine on the phone asking me to fix it later!
  • Holds a lot of your credit cards or business cards-
  • Only real Rulers at the sales game have these!
  • If you are not Ruling, you probably NEED to have one- it will increase your sales
  • If your single- its probably because you don’t have one in your pocket
  • Real ladies have a tendency to be WAAAY more attracted to someone who does have one! FACTS!
  • Flash one of these at the door at most So-cal night clubs and it will get you in- even if they are at capacity! Trust me, This has happened!
  • Makes your Harley faster! Less weight because your not carrying that ass brick of a wallet with every casino players card and 10 years of Home depot receipts
  • If you have one, It will make people forget that you pop your collar and or wear a Man-Bun!- this excludes Texas, Montana, North and South Dakota
  • its been a 14 hour work day for me- its 2:30 am…. I think its time I knock it off and go to bed- ENJOY


I wish I had a crazy story to tell about these pieces, but I don’t. These are the pieces I get to do for myself. These pieces represent me just having a good time and making something I feel is cool with my “Free-Time” and that’s few and far between these days. Once in a while though, it happens, and when it does, I yank out one of these blank pieces and do what ever comes to mind. I usually take the opportunity to try something new like a new color combo, Play with an idea on a small scale and see if i want it to go bigger- or in some cases- I try the bigger idea on a smaller scale and see how that pans out. some fly, some dont, you be the judge. each one is totally and completely a free-handed individual piece with no duplicates. Hand saddle stitched for quality and strength. these will definitely get the conversation going where ever you pull these out and set you apart when you yank out the NO-LIMIT plastic or bangin’-business card. Be Unique- Be different- Break the mold. BE SET APART!

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Available Designs

Helmut and Skull, Bad Ass Chief, Rose of Faith, Western Edge, Peek-aBoo

Add grommet for chain?

No Thanks man, I'm good as is., Hell Yeah!- I need to put my big fat chain on it BROTHER!


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