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Meglio Knifes X RBL Chingus collab key chain


  • Made in the greatest country ever- US of A
  • Developed by Real Men who drink whiskey and spit fire!
  • Made in Brass or 3V Steel also known as the Jesus steel or the Last thing you saw before standing in judgement.
  • comes in at 4-3/4″ inches long -or- for you tinker bells out there- in Millimeters -its blah blah blah- mm.
  • Limited Quantity of Badassery- So don’t sleep on this!
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It is no secret that when you want the best- you work with the best- Meglio Knives are simply put, one of the best knife makers we work with when it comes to quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Plus it doesn’t make for a bad evening with the fellas when you all share the same feelings on Bacon, whiskey and cigars. My Friends over at the Meglio Shop came up with this little gem that you see here affectionately called The Chingus. it easily curls around a belt loop and can be worn and used as a key ring. It can also be used to open a beer for you and that rowdy bunch you call friends. I have also found that I can use to measure small items in a pinch either by American standard ( #MERICA) or by the metric system. and last but not least- if you find yourself caught in a sticky situation- this can be used for self-defense or to break glass if you find yourself sinking into a bog or river.

The Chingus can almost do it all- plus it comes in either dam near unbreakable 3v steel or a badass Brass! we only have a limited quantity- so make your mark and get some FREEDOM!

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Bad-ass Brass, Meet Jesus 3V Steel


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