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Red Asphalt Grunge Patina Medium Nomad Series II Wallet


  • 3-3/4″ W x 5.5″ L
  • 6 interior card pockets, 2 interior cash pockets.
  • Hand saddle-stitched with D-ring for wallet strap
  • Fits fully in the pocket
  • will patina for a unique look
  • NOTE: On all Items in stock, allow 2-4 days to process the order and ship. On back stock items 5-7 business days to make and ship- Thank You!

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Red Asphalt Grunge Patina Medium Nomad Series II Wallet

This new Grunge Patina series of colors was handmade and inspired by a Client requesting a vintage patina that was similar to his family ranch truck. With a bevy of fresh colors to mix up, I came up with Patina Series line.

This particular red asphalt red grunge patina Medium Nomad wallet, for me, touches on my personal experiences in high-school. Some of you reading this may remember a class called “Drivers-Ed”. It was a class that signaled one of the many teenage Rites of Passage. Which leads into the complicated and sorted freedom of driving a car and distant hopes of Hot Dates and Midnight Landscapes.

Before I was able to exhaust all my dreams of body origami in the back of my 1985 red Ford Thunderbird, affectionately named the ‘Red Rocket’, I had to pass through a series of tests that probed my skills as an academic driver. Besides having our very electric white, chesty haired, beer-bellied Physical Ed teacher being chosen as the provocateur and judge of this course, there was trepidation intertwined as well. We all knew going in, the day would come when we would be subjected to a federally sanctioned maelstrom of blood and gore. It came to us by way of……. “RED ASPHALT” ! A dramatic reality movie patched together with footage from crash scenes located all over the United States. This was meant to scare us young lead foot drivers into perfect posture and angelic footwork on the brake and gas peddle. Some would say it worked, others would say that the movie was a letdown,  but none of us would say we will ever forget it.

Yes, I know some of you will go…..Seriously Red Beard? Red Asphalt??  My reply……would you expect anything less from me?

My inspiration on this iteration of our Grunge Patina Series the Red Asphalt Red Grunge Patina Medium Nomad series II wallet is edgy and colorful with a touch of something just a little dark; It screams whenever you pull it out and makes a statement! The wallet pictured above is part of an ever-growing series. Each wallet looks a little different and is unique to you by how each piece is hand colored and finished. The process to get the wallet to look this way is a closely guarded 15 step process, and is unique to the RBL (pronounced ReBeL) shop.

The stitch is done in a heavy yet strong waxed braided chord, NOT  weaker spun t-shirt thread!  We stitch to make this worthy, not only of your abusive kick-ass nature, but to last long enough that your grandchildren can fight over it. We want everything to outlast the planet! Who can say that anymore! I mean, unless you like shopping at Walmart for your handmade goods?


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